Exciting New Company: Q Sciences

I am excited to announce that I have recently joined Q Sciences board of directors.  I admire Q Science’s core mission to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.  This goal is achieved through providing a combination of the highest quality supplements on the market.  Q Sciences offers an optimal, daily package of supplements called Qssentials. This package includes the products Q 96, Q Vitalize, Q 10+, and Q Biotics.

Q 96 is a special blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which work together to significantly enhance brain function and mood stability. A patented 96 hour micronization and nano-chelation process increases the body’s natural ability to efficiently absorb these nutrients, making it the most effective mood and brain enhancer on the market. You can feel assured that your money is well spent on this product, knowing that it is the most researched micronutrient product in history for improving mood.

Q Vitalize is an herbal and amino acid blend designed for optimal energy and vitality. This carefully calculated blend works in the body synergistically, creating a greater result than if each ingredient were taken on its own.  It provides a feeling of healthy energy and makes you feel awake, alert, and alive.

Q10+ is designed to assist in a healthy aging process. It is comprised of three main components: CoEnzyme Q10, Lysine, and Arginine. Together, this ideal combination reduces free radical damage, boosts immunity, and activates collagen formation.

Q Biotics is a probiotic like no other probiotic. It is becoming more mainstream knowledge that certain “good bacteria” is essential to maintain healthy digestion and support a well-functioning immune system. However, most probiotic pills cannot withstand the torment from human stomach acid, which breaks them down before they have a chance to be absorbed into the body.  Q Biotics, unlike all other probiotics, is coated in a moisture-activated gelatin shell. This shell allows the valuable bacteria to remain unharmed until it can safely reach the lower GI tract. This process is designed to steadily discharge the bacteria over a 12-hour period for optimal absorption.

Each of these revolutionary products is a part of the Qssentials  package, and Q 96 is also available for individual purchase. As an entrepreneur, I know that when great products are backed by a great team, the sky is the limit. I am thrilled to work with such an exciting company.