UVU Executive Lecture Series 11/7/2013

Utah Valley University is providing great education and preparing its students for the workforce.  I just hired another UVU grad this week.  Under the leadership of President Matthew Holland the University has succeeded at providing a high quality education at a great price.  I have really enjoyed serving on the Foundation Investment Committee at UVU.  I was invited to give a lecture at the business school as part of the Executive Lecture series.  Here is a link to the speech.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGInv_IpZFU&list=PL54D2BA772D6F5210&index=120

As part of the lecture I provided a list of the lessons I have learned throughout my career.

  1. Cash is King
  2. Bootstrap
  3. I am the only person who will ever pay me what I think I am worth
  4. The tough decisions will define you
  5. Lead by example
  6. Choose partners wisely
  7. Your Network is your most valuable Asset
  8. Mentors will save you years of time, millions of dollars, and a lot of pain
  9. Recruit on character not just experience
  10. Empower Employees/Help them reach their potential
  11. “A” processes are as important as “A” people