Achieving Long-term Goals: Consistency in the Little Things Leads to Excellence

Like most companies and individuals, my company, Zylun set some annual goals and objectives at the beginning of 2012.  The struggle is that these goals are achieved over a long period of time and take the cooperation and effort of over a hundred employees in two continents.  I don’t have all of the answers but we are well on our way to achieving most of these goals.  Here are a few of the key success factors that have made this possible.

  • Consistency in the Little Things Leads to Excellence
  • Focus, dedication and discipline are needed on a daily basis
  • Buy-in from all departments and all levels of the company
  • Break up the longer term goals into monthly and weekly goals
  • Have each department (Sales, Operations, Finance, IT, Marketing) set their own goals and metrics focused on reaching the organizational goal
  • Post the goals everywhere (on walls, meeting agendas, intranet, break room, etc)
  • Metrics-measure and report progress
  • Review the goals and progress towards achieving in every company meeting
  • Have each employee analyze their daily routine to make sure it is in line with the goals
  • Peer Accountability
  • Create or tweak company processes to help achieve goals

I hope that our experiences over the last year will be able to help you achieve your professional and personal goals in the future.  If you have anything you have found successful in achieving your goals please submit a comment.